All About Kmiller

Who is behind the camera for Kmiller Photography?!


Hi again! Thanks so much for visiting my site and getting to know me better. 

My name is Kristen, I am the owner and operator of Kmiller Photography. I am a wife, a musician, a professional photographer and overall artist and lover of life! I love art and creating magical photos for you to cherish for a lifetime and genuinely love to make people happy while capturing your best selves! 

My husband and I enjoy traveling to FL for family vacations, we also enjoy taking advantage of Colorado's beautiful scenery and go hiking, exploring and adventuring around this lovely state! My hubby is wonderful and supports all that I do and is also my second shooter for weddings. We make a great team during weddings and keep everything very fun and light hearted while capturing your special day and every little detail and emotion that makes your love story!

I have 4 amazing bonus daughters, yes that's right... 4 girls!! They are so amazing in their own ways and its been such a joy watching them grow into such independent strong willed little ladies. Ages range from 10-19, they are so fun and have made my bonus mom job very easy! I am truly blessed! 

I am a self taught photographer, started as a hobbyist about 10 years ago and then things grew into a business in the last 3 years. Capturing life in motion and organic beauty is one of my passions, I love creating beautiful artwork for my clients  to hang in their homes and simply love to have fun while capturing you and your family! I strive to provide the best quality photos that are sure to last you a lifetime, more importantly I strive to serve you, your needs and give you a wonderful photo experience from start to finish! I am an artist and a creative person naturally and have a knack for bringing out some genuine smiles and laughter during sessions. I include style guides with all my sessions to help ease the stress of choosing what to wear and make the whole process very seamless!

I would love to learn more about you and your family! Feel free to reach out to me today and we can chat about your photo needs, wants and even your hesitations. Because lets be real, not many people really "like" to have family photos done but I can assure you, I make it fun and enjoyable for everyone! 


Hubby always gets fun shots of me shooting, sometimes we climb on things, sometimes we lay on the ground, whatever it takes to get the shot we are looking for!


My bonus daughters! Aren't they just beautiful?!